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Registration Page

Registration Notes:

If you have any questions , please let us know.  Please email Rob Shaw,  Please note as teams fill we may have no room for adjustments to rosters.  Should a team lose players due to de-commitment the CRI Knights Board of Directors reserves the right to adjust the roster to ensure equal playing time.


CRI Knights Board of Directors


Tryouts 2023:

General information

All 2023 warm up skates and tryouts are being held at Benny Mageira.

Upon check in at rink, we will provide a tryout jersey that has been assigned to your player*. These jerseys MUST BE RETURNED at the end of the tryout.

After tryouts are completed, the CRI Knights BOD will meet to discuss placements. The goal of the CRI Knights is always to find a place for every player. Unfortunately, cuts do have to be made in instances where the number of players that can reasonably placed is lower than the number of tryout participants. Parents will be notified of the placements via email with season registration information.

Tryout Scoring & Team Placement Methodology

Over the course of tryouts a team of evaluators are placed throughout the rink. These evaluators are made up of current and former board members, coaches, high school coaches, and other trusted members of the local hockey community.

Our goal is to have every player evaluated by 3 to 7 evaluators each night of tryouts to give us the best look at every player. These evaluators are judging players on skating ability, puck handling ability, game awareness, and competitiveness.

At the end of tryouts these scores are compiled and a player is given a total aggregate score of all the evaluations and are stack ranked for team placements by jersey number only (no names).

Placements are determined first by the tryout score and are verified against a coaching evaluation from the player's coaches from the previous season (if applicable). Coaches are assigned to the teams AFTER the teams have been formulated to give every player an equal opportunity to play as high as their ability will take them. 

Placements are FINAL. There are no appeals to the board of directors for re-placement. The only time a player may be moved is in the case where a team loses players below a level we are comfortable with and the player who is moved is the next in line on the tryout results. NO EXCEPTIONS.


CRI Knights Board of Directors